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Keep Your Eye On This U.S. Shale Play

October 25, 2017

Oil and gas insiders are looking to the original shale gas play which has investors very interested. The Haynesville Shale sits on the Texas-Louisiana border and was known for kicking of the shale boom 10 years ago. While it has set on the back burner for the past several years, natural gas production in this play is getting much needed attention.


When fracking technology opened up new opportunities for natural gas production, the Haynesville Shale play saw hundreds of rigs set up shop in northern Louisiana. This boom was quick and drew many operators to the area. However, this draw caused prices to plummet as production increased. Shale drillers moved on as quickly as they came. The Marcellus Shale took the limelight and became the country’s top gas producing play.


However, interest is picking back up again for the Haynesville play as technology advances once again and demand in the area increases. In 2017, natural gas production in this region is up 20% and the EIA predicts the output will increase by another 2% in the months of October and November. In addition, the rig count is currently at 44, tripled from this time last year.


Chesapeake Energy was an early player in the Haynesville Shale and has recently produced more efficient drilling techniques which has allowed the operator to extract more gas out of each well. In addition to more efficient drilling, big private-equity players are looking to the Haynseville Shale. These companies are purchasing acreage from the majors in hopes to strike when the iron is hot.


As multiple factors come together to bring back the neglected Haynesville, more operators and investors are flocking to the area. For example, in early October, Comstock Resources announced it has expanded its join venture in Haynesville with USG Properties Haynesville LLC. This venture has acquired 6,821 acreage in this area targeting the Haynesville Shale. The company plans on increasing their presence in the area to extend their 34 lateral wells.


This return for Haynesville is bringing back money for Louisiana landowners and offering prime investment opportunities. As the Haynesville Shale starts to rise, investors can take advantage of lower pricing  and an unsaturated market.

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