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Who Is Troy W. Eckard: 5 Surprising Facts

September 16, 2017


Troy Eckard, CEO of Eckard Enterprises and Con Amor, is a lively CEO with a big heart. While he makes an entrance no matter where he goes, there are a few things many people may not know about Mr. Eckard. Check out these 5 surprising facts about Troy.



Married his high school sweet heart
In 1983, Troy met Kathryn while driving with friends in a remote town  in South Texas.  They instantly fell in love and married three years later in La Feria, TX. Four children and thirty years later, these high school sweet hearts enjoy traveling the world and watching their three granddaughters grow.



He speaks Spanish
Growing up in South Texas, Troy Eckard quickly caught on to Spanish at one of his first jobs. By high school he was fluent and started many friendships because of his ability to speak Spanish. Throughout his career Spanish has been a major asset when dealing with other companies and business associates in Texas. Now that Troy Eckard and his company, Con Amor, are working extensively in Costa Rica, his fluency in Spanish is key in networking and meeting local companies.


Troy Eckard, CEO of Con Amor, in Costa Rica

He can make a mean homemade pizza
In college, Troy was known for working several jobs at once. But many people do not know that he worked at a pizza parlor in San Marcos. While at the restaurant, Troy not only helped deliver the pizzas, he learned how to make the dough and sauce from scratch and perfected the recipe over several years. Even though his life as a pizza delivery boy is no more, he still enjoys making his famous homemade pizza for his family and friends. If you ask anyone that knows Troy Eckard, they all say if you are craving a good pizza, head to the Eckard house for the best pie in Texas!



He is a three-time grandfather
This fact may not be as surprising to most because Troy is a very proud grandfather who loves to show anyone and everyone pictures of his granddaughters. Just in case you haven’t heard, he has three granddaughters all under the age of three and they love their “Pops”.  You will often see Troy and Mrs. Eckard babysitting the girls at their home in the Richardson area.



Troy Eckard is an adventure seeker
One of Troy Eckard’s favorite hobbies is to travel and explore the world. He seeks out adventure no matter where he goes and loves a good adrenaline rush. Troy is a certified scuba diver, an avid skier and water skier. He loves white water rafting in Costa Rica and Colorado, hiking up remote waterfalls and exploring off the beaten path. There is pretty much nothing Troy won’t try at least once!


Troy Eckard in Costa Rica, white water rafting with family


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