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Follow The Drilling Rigs

September 6, 2017

At $45-50 price per barrel of oil, it is clear where the oil companies see their most cost efficient operations and highest yields from exploration.  Of the 943 active drilling rigs this week, 79.9% of all drilling rigs are active in Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma.   Texas and Oklahoma represent over 62% of total drilling rigs active in the United States and nearly 78% of all drilling rig activity of the four most active states.  




So, the question is why are these states the most active in exploration?

  • Midstream costs

  • Access to supplies

  • Access to personnel

  • Access to management

  • Access to money

  • Multiple targets in developing basins

  • Existing infrastructure

  • Proven and long lived historical production records for more favorable financing terms

  • Easier liquidity upon disposition or aggregation

  • Low-risk exploration parameters

  • Ingress and egress infrastructure

  • Closest regional plays to the refineries and water

  • Lowest cost shale wells to drill

  • Highest recovery of reserves comparatively speaking

  • Most mature and savvy mineral owners

  • Most accessible water sourcing

  • Most environmentally friendly states to explore

  • Largest concentration of privately held mineral leases

  • Most pro-active hydrocarbon states in the union

  • Highest # of days for work, production and operations 

  • Most favorable weather patterns for continuation of exploration

Eckard Enterprises will explore these topics every week until all subjects and their points are discussed.  Stay tuned for next Friday’s first two subjects delineated and explained. 

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