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5 Things You Didn't Know About Eckard Enterprises

September 29, 2016




Eckard Enterprises is a link between tangible investment opportunities and investors. Troy W. Eckard, CEO, has spent most of his career in the US energy industry, which provides Eckard Enterprises a vast amount of knowledge and experience in that sector. Specifically, Mr. Eckard has participated in more than 319 wells in 6 States, produced over 36,782,999 of gross oil, 44,061,881 of gross gas, shot 3-D seismic, and has worked with the top publicly traded oil companies.


In addition, Mr. Eckard has launched a medical service provider company representing hospitals and large doctor practices. He also acquired patents of various types, purchased and sold water rights, and turned raw land into residential real estate developments. One of the latest additions has been the acquisition of now one of the largest pipeline companies in the Gulf of Mexico. Troy Eckard and Eckard Enterprises is continuously looking for opportunities to match with investment capital for the success of the venture and wealth of its investors.


The small, privately owned, company is busy to say the least. As it is progressing forward and reaching new highs, we will dive into the company’s core and highlight 5 key points about Eckard Enterprises.


Family Owned Business

From the very beginning, Mr. Eckard formed his career in order to have the opportunity and enjoyment to work with his family. Currently, his two oldest daughters, two son-in-laws and one son-in-law’s father are all working together at the company. Even the team members that do not carry a “family badge” are a part of the Eckard family. The office is stacked with a full-functioning kitchen with food and drinks, a BBQ pit, and pool table. It is an environment designed to create a work-life balance. Family is very important Eckard Enterprises and the naming of the company was a direct reflection. When Mr. Eckard was just four years old, he and his three sisters were adopted when his mother remarried. It showed a great deal of courage to marry a woman with four kids under the age of 10 and legally accepting their lives. There was a lot of sacrifice, and after 25 years of marriage, Mr. Eckard’s father passed away with a terminal brain tumor. Nevertheless, his legacy lives on, everyday, as Mr. Eckard pursues investments with varying degrees of risk, opportunity, and no assurances; yet, an inherent, internal discipline to be honest and forthright in his dealings and to stick with every venture from start to finish, regardless of the bumps in the road.


Eckard Has Partners, Not Investors

An investor is much like a gambler in Las Vegas who walks around and looks for a “hot” table to jump in on until the odds are no longer in their favor. That is when they pack up and look for the next best table.


Some would argue that there is no distinction between an investor and a partner since both allocate capital with the expectation of future financial returns. Yet, the important distinction made is a partner takes part in the undertaking and shares both risks and profits. Furthermore, a partner is not just a means to end. At Eckard Enterprises, a partner is essential to the operations. The company values its partners’ opinion and experience. This is one of many reasons Eckard Enterprises hosts yearly conferences for all partners to attend, share information, learn about their investments, and meet the Eckard team.


Eckard Enterprises knows a partner doesn’t just appear but is built on establishing trust and credibility, setting expectations and meeting them, and being forthright on the outcome. Troy Eckard has built his company on these values, and has partners that have been with him since 1985. Eckard Enterprises believes in lasting relationships and welcomes individuals to further the knowledge and experience of the Eckard network.


EE Partner Conferences

Mr. Eckard hosted the first Partner Conference in 1997. It was the start of a new way to connect investors with the management team and staff they are investing with. Of course, conferences aren’t new. It’s just that there are no other companies in the investment field that offer an open forum, invite all their partners, and share a weekend to meet, collaborate and discuss investment opportunities.


Mr. Eckard values the opinion and expertise of his partners. As of today, each conference has connected people, created friends, and strengthened the company. The Eckard Partner Conference has become tradition, and a way for Mr. Eckard and his team to meet their partners, layout their investments, and discuss strategies and new opportunities openly.


Open Door Policy

Troy Eckard extends the ‘open door policy’ to investors and partners of Eckard Enterprises. If you are in the neighborhood, or traveling to specifically visit the Eckard offices, you can stop by anytime (during business hours of course) to visit with the team, enjoy a cup of coffee and learn about our latest investment opportunities. Eckard Enterprises enjoys having their partners engaged in their investments and eager to learn about our operations. Troy Eckard strives to maintain continuity and flow of information that pertains to all types of Eckard investments. So, if you happen to be in the neighborhood, a pit stop at Eckard Enterprises is always welcome!


Risk Takers

Troy Eckard has been an entrepreneur since he was eight years old when he began selling eggs door-to-door to his neighbors. Matter fact, it became his first lesson into Economics 101 – supply and demand. Soon he became aware that any imbalance created market risks. The higher the risk became the higher the potential reward. Throughout his career Mr. Eckard has found his equilibrium and is quite the contrary, which has provided Eckard Enterprises and its partners opportunities in securing assets others may have found impossible to secure.


Eckard Enterprises has investments in oil and gas (upstream), mineral rights, pipelines (midstream), real estate, medical services and more. Some of the industries naturally come with high risk levels that are assessed and evaluated when reviewing the individual project or venture. In all instances Mr. Eckard and his team reduce risk and increase chances of success by running due diligence and working with some of the finest industry professionals. Nevertheless, risk cannot be eliminated entirely. It can only be measured by an individual or company based on their exposure and sensitivity to the investment. Know what you are willing to risk. Ask many questions and perform due diligence to reduce your risk of the unknown. The more knowledge of a subject or industry the higher the chances of success in that field. Thus, Eckard Enterprises works with partners, not particularly investors. The shared knowledge and contribution to Eckard Enterprises’ investments provides greater results and opportunities for all.



The investment market is very competitive. Eckard Enterprises is stacked against many experienced, large, and successful companies that offer various types of investments. It boils down to each individual investor, and their desire and investment choices. When you look at Eckard Enterprises and Troy Eckard, you will see an old school mentality of the hand shake is your word mashed up with timeless characteristics of establishing long-lasting relationships. The Eckard network is comprised of family, friends, and partners that invest in tangible assets with the expectation of future financial returns. Each year, Eckard Enterprises team and partners meet at the Eckard Partner Conference to catch up, learn about various investments, and discuss how to prepare for future economic shifts that could present challenges or opportunities.


With over three decades in the private investment sector, Eckard Enterprises has proven to be a durable and sustainable company that grows throughout economic slowdowns and recoveries. It is the investors responsibility to perform necessary due diligence and work with respective advisors to find what is best suited for them and their family. If you find tangible assets to be part of your investments, have tolerance to risk, and seek a team that is strategically evaluating multiple industries to find undervalued assets, you may want to visit with Mr. Eckard and Eckard Enterprises. In today’s faced paced environment, Eckard Enterprises’s open door policy makes it easy to find time to stop by or call in today’s fast paced environment.

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