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Eckard Enterprises, LLC is a privately owned group of entities. It focuses on oil and gas, real estate, mineral rights, and midstream acquisitions.
Pipelines are the vehicle and vital link to transport and deliver oil and gas liquids to refineries that make it possible to fuel our economy. This sector is also known as Midstream. We have invested over three decades into the energy industry, and acquired more than 2,000 miles of pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico.


Eckard Global Midstream, LLC (EGM) is a privately held midstream company acquiring energy opportunities in the midstream sector of the U.S. oil and gas marketplace. It involves gathering, transportation, processing, treatment, and blending of crude oil, liquids, natural gas, natural gas liquids, and water processing and disposal. Troy W. Eckard, Manager & CEO, utilizes his over three decades of energy focus and an approach, through integration of the various sectors to better find value when approaching midstream investments.


EGM's approach is to seek out undervalued assets that may be available through divestitures, vulture opportunities made available via weak sellers, or by aggregation concepts not seen as viable by the asset's current owners. EGM seeks to use private funds to expedite the due diligence, allow for first mover advantages and by attracting capital that sees value not reliant upon institutional and traditional banking or capital providers.


EGM creates value in the transportation and gathering space because it offers three decades of direct exposure and expertise as a customer of midstream suppliers. This unique position affords EGM's team with a firsthand knowledge of how, where and why oil and gas exploration will be a good source of supply to  given midstream assets in late stages of economic life, or in the infancy of life whereby most potential buyers, or competitors have either elected to not pursue, or have written off the assets in question as uneconomical.


EGM must move in the market place like a large python on a nice sunny day. We need to stay stealthy, not pursue, but wait until the opportunity presents itself, and then be capable of digesting assets much larger than anyone expected EGM to pursue, or secure based upon outside uniformed observations. EGM is in for the long haul, and will not chase a deal, or compete with the institutions, but merely seek value driven assets that conform to its base economics and rationale. Midstream is about quality not quantity.


Troy W. Eckard was the original founder of Kinetica Partners, LLC, one of the largest privately held midstream companies operating in the Central Gulf of Mexico. He put up the initial funds to acquire the rights to nearly 2,000 miles of pipeline, platforms, and facilities from two major billion-dollar midstream companies who had aging and mature assets. The expertise Troy offers is across the industry in various sectors starting from exploration, all the way through the handoff the downstream process deliverers.


EGM along with Troy's background, offer a wealth of practical applications, experiences, and hundreds of wells drilled and produced, all supplying midstream supply. Troy looks at macro trends in the industry along with his industry contacts, and is in the "know" of who has the information regarding the assets to be sold, how to negotiate those asset sales, creates the investment vehicle, and brings together the private capital to be able to execute on such a large transaction that can include, gathering lines, transportation lines, crude oil terminals, treatment of natural gas, right of ways, fabrication and systems installation.

Our Strategy
Acquire undervalued assets to control substantial "key" assets that provide growth over a set period of time.
Develop the project to prove the overall value of the assets throughout ownership.
Package the entire assets inside a set timeframe, and prepare for sale to large, institutional investment entities that seek stable long-term assets.
With millions of projects flooding the investment market, Eckard Enterprises and its affiliates identify undervalued, tangible assets that provide a viable opportunity for growth. Investors work with us to have access to a hidden market. Investments that otherwise are not accessible through public markets. Our partner's professions range from doctors, engineers, lawyers, and many other industries that brings various investment objectives. Thus, we provide a variety of investment strategies since 1985.
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