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Early Stage Capital

In our pursuit of quality investment opportunities, we invest our time, our resources and our capital in targeted ideas, and projects long before being offered to our private Partners. Like in almost all investments, reward is tied to risk. Early staged seed capital is critical to securing most investments. This type of investing can be rewarded with substantial financial gains. However, that potential financial reward also correlates with the awareness it comes with much higher risks.

Many Eckard investors and long-term Partners enjoy the front lines of value creation and participate in seed capital ideas. Our Partners appreciate the early process of research, development, and implementation. This type of investing attracts investors seeking the entitlement phase of asset development, and retain high expectations of significant and in many cases higher lifts in asset values.

Ownership & Equity

Eckard establishes special purpose investment vehicles that allow investing Partners to acquire and participate directly in ventures and assets. Many of our affluent Partners enjoy the flow-through benefits of direct ownership via LLCs, and Partnerships. These direct equity opportunities put the investors in position for being aligned with the company’s successes, growing opportunities and exit valuations.


Equity investing with our firm is "in it to win it" approach. This type of investing level varies at times based upon investment increments, risk tolerance and timing of investment maturity. It is not for everyone and requires a partner to understand they are in the asset for the long haul, rather than a short buy and hold mentality. Equity investing provides a result, good or bad, directly tied to the performance of the underlying asset or project.

Debt Instrument
Debt instruments and methods of investing is not as glamorous as other forms of investing. Debt can offer assumed lower risk levels and with lower rates of returns based upon levels of assigned risk. If an investor desires above market interest rates and willing to assume slightly or even greater levels of risk, Eckard offers from time to time debt investments that can provide such a mix.
Debt requires a “park and watch” approach to investing. Your capital will be invested for a set period of time and interest earnings based upon the agreed to terms of the debt instrument. Eckard has projects requiring capital and a willingness to service debt as a means of growing its enterprises. This type of capital is more risk adverse, more available through sources such as Individual Retirement Accounts, and passive income producing sources of investment capital.
What We Offer
We seek to acquire undervalued assets that will generate a routine cash flow, while obtaining a growth in asset value through appreciation.
Our Strategy
Acquire undervalued assets to control substantial "key" assets that provide growth over a set period of time.
Develop the project to prove the overall value of the assets throughout ownership.
Package the entire assets inside a set timeframe, and prepare for sale to large, institutional investment entities that seek stable long-term assets.
With millions of projects flooding the investment market, Eckard Enterprises and its affiliates identify undervalued, tangible assets that provide a viable opportunity for growth. Investors work with us to have access to a hidden market. Investments that otherwise are not accessible through public markets. Our partner's professions range from doctors, engineers, lawyers, and many other industries that brings various investment objectives. Thus, we provide a variety of investment strategies since 1985.
Tangible Assets

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